The Secrets (4) (Cleveland, OH)


    Personnel :

    Karen Gray Cipriani (Lead)

    Carole Raymont McGoldrick (Alto or Bass)

    Jackie Allen Schwegler (high dum-dee-dums)

    Patty Miller (Soprano)


    Discography :

    1963 - The Boy Next Door / Learnin' To Forget (Philips 40146)
    1964 - Hey Big Boy / The Other Side of Town (Philips 40173)
    1964 - Here He Comes Now / Oh Donnie (Philips 40196)
    1964 - He Doesn't Want You / He's The Boy (Philips 40222)




    Biography :

    Formed in Cleveland in the early '60s, the group -- Jackie Allen Schwegler, Karen Cray Cipriana, Carole Raymond McGoldrick, and Patty Miller -- first called themselves the Sonnets when their pianist looked at his Sonnet piano and suggested that as a name.

    In 1963, Tom King, leader of the local group the Starfires, (who later went on to become the Outsiders), asked the girls to do five Twist shows with the Starfires accompanying them. It was after one of these performances that Redda Robbins, a talent promoter, offered to represent them, lining up a meeting with Johnny Madara and David White, staff producers for Philadelphia-based Chancellor Records.


    Madara and White had already written Danny & the Juniors' "At the Hop" and "Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay," Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me," and were also members themselves of the Spokesmen. They brought the group to Mercury, who ultimately recorded two songs, scoring a Top Twenty hit with "The Boy Next Door," which charted in late December, 1963. They recorded three unsuccessful singles for the label and made live appearances before splitting up in 1965.


    The group has two interesting bits of music trivia. They were booked to appear on American Bandstand the weekend of November 22nd, 1963, which was cancelled due to John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and they were the last group to appear on American Bandstand in the spring of 1964, before Bandstand shifted from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. McGoldrick and Miller continued as a duo called the Memories for a year. In the early '90s, all of the original Secrets regrouped to perform at their 30th high school reunion.
    ~ Bryan Thomas, All Music Guide

    Songs :

    The Boy Next Door                                Hey Big Boy

     The Other Side of Town                           Oh Donnie           

    Learnin' To Forget                                  He's The Boy  

    Here He Comes Now                       He Doesn't Want You


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