• Joe Amador, Tony H. San Antonio & Valentine Lopez 

    The Caribbeans (1)  (Bronx, New York)



    Tony H. San Antonio (Lead)

    Joe Amador

    Valentine Lopez

    Tito Ortiz


    Discography :

    1958 - Keep Her By My Side / IKknew (20th Fox 112)
    1963 - Wonderland / Baby (Brooks 1A)


    Biography :

    The Caribbeans grew up on Claremont Parkway in the North Bronx. The group consisted of their lead vocalist Tony H. San Antonio with Joe Amador, Tito Ortiz and Valentine Lopez.  They spent their time harmonizing in hallways and street corners.   It wasn't until 1958 when they released their first record, "I Knew", which had a Latin beat and "Keep Her by My Side" which had a Doo wop sound.

    The Caribbeans (1)

    The Groups' manager Dorian Burton released the record with 20th Century Fox. Another record, "Wonderland / Baby"  was released in 1963 by Brooks record. The Caribbeans performed in numerous small clubs and church dances which were popular during the 50s.


    Songs :

    Wonderland / Keep Her By My Side / I Knew / Baby (With photos)

    Keep Her By My Side                          I knew                                   Wonderland         



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