• The Monarchs (2)
    The Monarchs (2) (Manhattan, New York)

    Personnel :

    Arthur Allen

    Arthur Kemp

    Fred Wells

    Robert Galloway

    Robert White

    Discography :

    1956 - Pretty Little Girl / In My Younger Days (Melba 101/Neil 101)
    1956 - Always Be Faithful / How Are You (Neil 103)


    Biography :

    The Monarchs, from Manhattan, made their debut (with "Pretty Little Girl") on Neil Records, owned by Morty Craft and Jack Angel (who also owned Melba Records).

    The Monarchs (2)

    The Monarchs had a regional with "Pretty Little Girl." It had exceptional play in the Boston area, and was a great uptempo recording. The group consisted of Arthur Allen, Arthur Kemp, Fred Wells, Robert Galloway and Robert White.

    The Monarchs (2)

    They pour their hearts out on the flip side "In My Younger Days ". The group recorded that same year "Always Be Faithful " and "How Are You? ".

    Songs :

    Pretty Little Girl                            In My Younger Days

    Always Be Faithful                                   How Are You 



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