The Inventions  aka The Catalinas (3) (Brooklyn, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Hank Ferrara (lead)

    Sam Infantino (first tenor)

    Richie Brooks (second tenor)

    Jerry Ascher (Baritone)

    Mike Harris (bass)

    Discography :

    The Catalinas (3)
    1958- Marlene / With your girl (Glory 285)
    1960 - Peanuts / Row boat (Up 111)

    The Inventions
    1960 - Peanuts / Row boat (Up 111)

    Biography :

    1956- Hank Ferrara, Richie Brooks, Jerry Ascher, Sam Infantino & Mike harris were at a local social club in their home of Williamsburg Brooklyn. The club was holding a "talent competition" and decided to try and do some singing. Without any previous singing experience, they gave it a try, after realizing they sounded really good.

    While sitting in Hank's car outside, the guys were trying to think of a name for their new found group...being they were sitting in a Pontiac Catalina, the name just fit
    The Catalinas later went on to win a talent contest (even beating out younger Johnny Maestro at the time)  For winning they were awarded a trip to Phoenixville PA.

    In 1958 they signed with Glory Records. They recorded Marlene (written by Hank). This recording is worth well over $200 dollars in todays collector's market.
    One day while working with the machines in the shop, Hank had a "beat" stuck in his head all day long.


    He kept humming it until he got home from work. It was so catchy that he started to make up some words to go along. Upon showering after a long hard days work, as fast as the water was flowing from the shower head, the words were starting to flow as well.

    He yelled for someone to grab a pen & paper and told them to "write this down" This song later became the hit " Hey Peanuts"


    Later the group recorded "Hey Peanuts" and heard their song all over the radio. They were becoming so popular in Brooklyn, and even later sang at the Jerry Lewis Telethon.
    A local disk Jockey "Ronnie I" had them sing a jingle every Saturday Night on the radio, and they were on CBS FM.

    They were on the top of the charts with "Hey Peanuts"
    Unfortunately, their manager made some wrong decisions, and the group slipped through.


    Songs :

    The Catalinas (3)

    Marlene                                             With your Girl


    The Inventions

    Row boat                                           Peanuts


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