• Gene Bricker and Ray Bowling

    Buddy & Brik (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie)



    Gene Bricker (Brick)

    Ray Bowling (Buddy)


    Discography :

    1959 - Misty Eyes / Stick Around (Greenwich 414)

    Biography :

    Native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gene Bricker was a tenor singer with the rhythm and blues group, The Marcels. They are best remembered for their 1961 hit single, "Blue Moon." The song sold well over a million copies, hit number one on the UK singles charts. Formed in 1959, the group also included lead singer Cornelius Harp, bass player Fred Johnson (Allen's brother), Ron Mundy, and Richard Knauss. In 1961, Bricker and Knauss left the group.

    Buddy & Brik
    The Original Marcels (Gene Bricker in the Center)

    Actually,  before joining the Marcels, Gene (Brick) Bricker and friend Ray (Buddy) Bowling, both civilian employees at the North Park Nike Site (National Guard) have recorded "Misty Eyes" and "Stick Around" (Two songs written by Ray) and released by Greemwich Records.


    Songs :

    Misty Eyes                                           Stick Around


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