• The Bob-o-links  (Washington DC)
    aka The Memories (1)


    Personnel :

    Jim Durtz

    Lou "DeMartino" Martin

    Ron Lutz

    Robert "Boot"s Dove

    Gene Fitzgeearld


    Discography :

    The Bob-o-links
    1962 - I Promise / Mr Frog ( Hi-Ho 101)

    The Memories (1)
    1962 - Love Bell / I Promise (Way-Lin 101)


    Biography :

    In 1957 a group of guys got together in southeast Washington DC at an eatery called the Hi Ho (a happy days teen hang out before there ever was a TV Happy Days show). These guys began to sing acapella on the street corners and in teen clubs around the D.C. area. They were noticed by a local radio personality who befriended them and entered them in numerous talent contests around the metro area. Over a period of time, the guys, who named themselves The Bobolinks, won twenty three talent shows in a row. The group was then noticed and signed by the record label "Colt 45 Records." They have never looked back. The Bobolinks, who changed their name to The Memories in 1960,  have appeared on numerous TV and radio shows over the years, including the Milt Grant, Buddy Dean, and Bandstand shows.


    Songs :

    I Promise                                Love Bell



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