• Herb Price & The Darts (3)
    (From left) Herb Price, Jerry Clark, Richard Williams, James Clark Jr. and Virgil Gooding

    Herb Price & The Darts (3) (Davenport Iowa)

    Personnel :

    Herbert Price (Lead)

    James Clark Jr. (First Tenor)

    Virgil Gooding (Second Tenor)

    Richard Williams (Baritone)

    Jerry Clark (Bass)

    Discography :

    1959 - Shimmy Shimmy (Cha Cha Cha) / Gone Too Long (Tempus 1506)

    Biography :

    The group composed of Herbert Price, James Clark Jr., Virgil Gooding, Richard Williams and Jerry Clark have been entertaining local group for several months. The Boys are well-known to Davenport High students as the "Davenport Darts." Herb & Jerry, both Davenport High School graduates are students at the State University of Iowa and the University of Dubuque respectively. Herb dropped classes to work with the Darts but plans to return to school. Virgil and Jim are seniors at Davenport High school and Richard is a student at J.B. Young Junior High School.

    Herb Price & The Darts (3)   Herb Price & The Darts (3)

    The Darts began singing as a group in early 1958. It all started when several of the boys were sitting in one of their homes singing when they discovered , with the aid of a tape recorded, that they were much in need of practice. After about two weeks of just practicing the scale they really started singing. During the fall months of 1958, the boys received a recording contract with the Tempus Co. of Peoria, Ill, and they recorded "Shimmy Shimmy (Cha Cha Cha)" and "Gone Too Long". The songs are heard frequently over the radio stations.

    Songs :

              Gone Too Long                       Shimmy Shimmy (Cha Cha Cha)


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