• The Deltairs (1)  aka The Tranquils
    (L to R) Carol Stansbury, Shirley Taylor, Barbara Thompson, Thelma Stansburry, Barbara Lee.

     The Tranquils (Jamaica, Queens, NY)
    aka The Deltairs (1) 


     Personnel :

    Barbara Thompson (Lead)

    Barbara Lee

    Carol Stansbury

    Thelma Stansbury

    Shirley Taylor


    Discography :

    The Deltairs (1)
    1957 - Lullaby Of The Bells / It's Only You, Dear (Ivy 101)
    1958 - Standing At The Altar / I Might Like It (Ivy 105)
    1958 - Who Would Have Thought It / You Won't Be Satisfied (Felsted 8525)

    The Tranquils
    1958 - One Billion, Seven Million, Thirty-Three / You're Such A Much (Hamilton 50005)


    Biography :

    The trade magazines in 1961 took notice of a growing trend to female singers, female-led male groups and female groups. The fair sex up to that point had not been getting much attention (on records, that is). That, and the revival of interest in "oldies," gave a whole new audience the chance to hear one of the best female harmony groups, the Deltairs.

    Barbara Lee, Carol Stansbury, Thelma Stansbury, Shirley Taylor, and lead Barbara Thompson were discovered by bandleader Al Browne in 1955. Impressed by their harmony skills, he took them to artist managers Ed Portnoy and Stan Feldman. Portnoy and Feldman started a label to showcase the talent under their wings. They called it Ivy. (Portnoy later had the Porwin label.)"Lullaby Of The Bells," written by Carol Stansbury, got good reviews when it was first released in 1957 and sold well on the East Coast.

    The Deltairs (1)  aka The Tranquils    The Deltairs (1)  aka The Tranquils

    The girls got to do a few personal appearances, including a spot on American Bandstand. The lack of promotion from Ivy kept the record from breaking out nationwide. A few more releases, including one as the Tranquils, and the group left the business to focus on family life. A reissue of "Lullaby Of The Bells" in 1961 made the Bubbling Under charts.


    Songs :

    The Deltairs (1)

    Lullaby Of The Bells                       It's Only You, Dear

    Standing At The Altar                   Who Would Have Thought It

    You Won't Be Satisfied                   I Might Like It



    The Tranquils

    One Billion Seven Million Thirty Three


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