• The Timetones (New York)


    Personnel :

    Roger LaRue (Lead)

    Glenn Williams

    Claude "Sonny" Smith

    Tom DeGeorge

    Tom Glozek 


    Discography :

    1961 - (Here) In My Heart / My Love (Time Square 421/Relic 538)

    1961 - Pretty, Pretty Girl / I've Got A Feeling (Atco 6201/Relic 539)
    1963 - Sunday Kind Of Love  / Angel In The Sky (Time Square 26/Relic 543)

    1963 - House Where Lovers Dream / Get A Hold Of Yourself (Time Square 34/Relic 526)


    Biography :

    The Timetones - sometimes shown as The Time-Tones - was a racially mixed early 1960s New York City Doo-Wop quintet that, originating in Glen Cove, Long Island, consisted of lead Rodgers LaRue along with Tom Glozek, Glenn Williams, Tom DeGeorge and Claude "Sonny" Smith. Their sole national charter came in May 1961 for Times Square Records, an offshoot of the famed record store of the same name at Broadway and 42nd Street, owned by Irving "Slim" Rose, when (Here) In My Heart - which featured the same opening bars used a few months later by The Dovells for their introductory smash The Bristol Stomp for Parkway Records.

    And with the limited promotional capabilities of the label (compared to the giants like Columbia, RCA, Mercury, Decca, etc.) it did pretty good, hitting # 51 Billboard Pop Hot 100 b/w My Love on Time Square 421 billed as The Time-Tones (in 1963 it would be re-issued on Relic 538, a label that launched that year devoting itself to Doo-Wop - although that term to describe the style would not emerge for another 8 or so years).

        The Timetones

                                                                                                  The (Black) Timetones when DeGeorge and Glozek 
 left the group.

    The group's follow up release, Pretty Pretty Girl, was leased to Atlantic's Atco subsidiary and in late July it made it to # 106 Hot 100 Bubble Under on Atco 6201 b/w I've Got a Feeling billed as The Timetones (in 1963 it too was re-issued on Relic 539). Four a capella offerings, previously unreleased by Time Square - The House Where Lovers Dream b/w Get A Hold Of Yourself and A Sunday Kind Of Love b/w Angels In The Sky - also came out in 1963 on Relic 526 and Relic 543 respectively. In 1963 Tom DeGeorge and Tom Glozek 
 (The white members) left the group, two new members are add and the Timetones was a complety black group.


    Songs :

    In My Heart                             My Love                        Pretty, Pretty Girl

    I've Got A Feeling                 Sunday Kind Of Love          Angels In The Sky

    House Where Lovers Dream / Get A Hold Of Yourself

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