• The Royal Drifters (Hawaii) 
    aka The Jolly Drifters

    Personnel :

    Danny Bobbitt

    Moki Cabalse

    John Akana

    Walter Choi

    Rudy Molina


    Discography :

    The Royal Drifters

    1959 - Little Linda / S'Why Hard (Teen 506)
    1959 - To Each This Own / Da Kind (Teen 508)

    Robin Luke With The Jolly Drifters

    1958 - Chicka Chicka Honey / My Girl (Bertram International 208 / Dot 15839)



    Biography :

    The Royal Drifters recorded songs as S’ Why Hard, Da Kind, Little Linda, & To Each His Own under the Teen Records label in 1959. The five member group consisted of Walter (Wally) Choi, Moki Cabalse, John Akana, Danny Bobbitt, and Rudy Molina.

    The Jolly Drifters

    Their hit song Da Kind was written when the Territory of Hawaii became the 50th State.  In 1958 they were known as The Jolly Drifters, a seven member group who sang backup vocals for Robin Luke.


    Larry Akana & Danny Aranio parted ways to join the U.S. Air Force. All group members were from Honolulu and attended McKinley High School.


    Songs :

    The Royal Drifters

    Little Linda                               S'Why Hard

    To Each This Own                                  Da Kind

    Robin Luke With The Jolly Drifters

    Chicka Chicka Honey                                 My Girl





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