• The Wonders (5) (Akron,OH.)

    Personnel :

    Fred Kalail (Lead)

    Wade Haddad (Tenor)

    Ron Kalail (Baritone)

    Harvey Russell (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Wonders (5)
    1957 - Well Now / Cuttin' Out (Reserve 122)
    1959 - I'll Write A Book / Hey Senorita (Ember 1051)

    Harvey Russell
    1963 - Out of My Teens / Cuttin' Out (Vicki 638)

    Biography :

    The Wonders were more of a pop group in the style of the Four Lads or Crew Cuts. Yet they knew what was selling, so they waxed "I'll Write A Book" with a nice version of the penguins' classic "Hey Senorita" in the winter of 1959. They Had previously done a single called "Cuttin' Out", and Fred Kalail sang lead for the group.


    The Wonders toured throughout the south and east, but, according to Wade Haddad, never totally adapted to Rock and roll. Several members evolved into another band, playing Arabic music for Akron's large Middle-eastern constituency. In the early 60s Harvey Russell continued to sing 'solo'. He had a local hit with "Out of My Teens" on the Vicki label.


    In 1964 Russell started his own record label, Janie, named for his wife. He recorded a record of his own, but also released records by the Decades and Pacers. By 1965 he had decided to start singing for the teenage set, so he partnered with the Rogues, an Akron band who were pretty popular in the teen clubs.

    Songs :

    Well Now                                          Cuttin' Out                          

    I'll Write A Book                                  Hey Senorita



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