• The Ray-Vons
    Karl Zeeb (Rusty Lane)

    The Ray-Vons (Livingston, NJ)


    Personnel :

    Karl Zeeb (Rusty Lane)


    Discography :

    The Ray-Vons
    1964 - Judy / Regina (Laurie 3248)

    Rusty Lane
    1958 - Darling Goodbye / Lonely One (Laurie 3019)

    Rusty Lane bb The Mystics (uncredited)
    1959 — Karen / Comes The Day (Laurie 3031)


    Biography :

    Karl Zeeb Jr. of 47 Hazelwood Avenue, Livingston, NJ., was a 1957 graduate of Livingston High School. From 1958 and under the name of Rusty Lane, he recorded two songs he wrote "Darling Goodbye" and "Lonely One" released by Laurie Records. With this first single he appear on the Dick Clark television show were he sing the two songs. On the second single in 1959, he was back up by The Mystics, although the group was uncredited on the label. He has performed on the Alan Freed rock’n roll show.

    The Ray-Vons    The Ray-Vons
    The Mystics (1959)                                                                     Karl Zeeb (Rusty Lane)

    In octobre 1959, he was held on charges of burglary in connection with thefts of a piggy bank, TV sets and cash from 29 homes to raise money for a car and a bride.  He was held without bail on charges of breaking, entering, larceny and receiving stolen goods. His arrest puts a stop to his career. Yet in 1964, he recorded two song "Judy" and "Regina". According to some source, he records all the voices. The writer on "Judy" is Rusty Lane ; The writers on "Regina" are Rusty Lane, Ernie Maresca, and Lou Zerato. The single was released on Laurie 3248 Under the name Of The Ray-Vons.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Ray-Vons

    Judy                                       Regina

    Rusty Lane

    Darling Goodbye                               Lonely One

    Rusty Lane bb The Mystics (uncredited)

             Karen                                            Comes The Day

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