• The Darby Sisters (Linden, New Jersey)


    Personnel :

    Laraine Duckman

    Joy Duckman


    Discography :

    1959 - Send A Picture Postcard / Jimmy (Metro 20020)
    1959 - Go Back, Go Back To Your Pontiac / Misunderstood (Cub 9041)
    1960 - Why Did You Go / Think Of All The Fun We've Had    (41580)
    1961 - Don't Let It End / Ya' Gotta'(Musicor 1007)


    Biography :

    Buddy Kaye discovered the Darby Sisters, (Laraine Duckman and  Joy Duckman)
    the man in this instance being manager , who asked them to make a demonstration record. In 1959, Joy, sixteen, and Laraine, eighteen, have been singing together for a dozen years. Born into a musical family, they are composers as well, and wrote several pieces of music.


    They recorded many songs. Their first appearance was in an amateur contest. when they were but three and five, respectively, and they won a ten-dollar` award. Too young to enter the finals, they continued their schooling in Linden, N.J.  The Girls recorded four singles between 1959 and 1961.



    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

              Don't Let It End                     Think Of All The Fun We've Had

    Go Back, Go Back To Your Pontiac                  Why Did You Go               

    Ya' Gotta'                                             Jimmy    




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