• The Dreams (1)  (Philadelphia)
     aka Kenny Esquire & The Starlites (3)


    Personnel :

    George Tindley (Lead Tenor)

    Bernard Harris (First Tenor / Falsetto)

    John Wesley "Wes" Hayes (Second Tenor / Guitar)

    Robert "Flyright" Henderson (Baritone)

    Stephen "Press" Presbery (Bass)




    Discography :

    The Dreams (1)
    1954 - Darlene / A Letter To My Girl (Savoy 1130) 

    1954 - Under The Willow / I'm Losing My Mind (Savoy 1140) 

    1955 - I'll Be Faithful / My Little Honeybun (Savoy 1157)

    Kenny Esquire & The Starlites (3)
    1956 - They Call Me A Dreamer / Pretty Brown Eyes (Ember 1011)
    1957 - Tears Are Just For Fools / Boom Chica Boom (Ember 1021)

    Biography :

    The Dreams began in 1953 in Philadelphia as the Royal Flames. This name was soon changed to the dreams. Lead George Tindley got the group their appearance at the apollo's amateur night and they took second place. Soon after the Apollo appearance, they were contacted by someone from the Newark-based Savoy Records who apparently was in the audience at the Apollo.


    They went to Savoy and had their first session in April 1954, during which they recorded "Darlene" "A Letter To My Girl". The record did well locally. The Dreams' next session took place in October 1954, when they recorded "Under The Willow" "I'm Losing My Mind". Their last session with savoy was in March 1955. In this session they recorded "I'll Be Faithful" "My Little Honeybun". Nothing ever happened with their discs, but they made many live appearances and tours on the East Coast. Since Harris was still in school, their touring was limited.


    In Junes 1956, Herald Records announced that they had signed the Dreams. Henderson could not be found for the first session with Herald, and billy taylor of the Castelles filled in. Before this disc was released, Tindley felt that he wanted his name on the disc. Herald agreed, but Tindley chose Kenny Esquire and changed the group's name to the Starlites.


    The Record was "They Call me a Dreamer".  George Tindley eventually joined Steve Gibson and the Red Caps, with whom he recorded a number of well-remembered doowop 45s in 1959 and 1960, before Tindley took over leadership duties (changing the group name to the Modern Red Caps), continuing on into 1966.



    Songs :

    The Dreams (1)

    Under The Willow                           I'll Be Faithful                Darlene  

    I'm Losing My Mind                   A Letter To My Girl         My Little Honeybun


    Kenny Esquire & The Starlites (3)

    They Call Me A Dreamer     Tears Are Just For Fools/ Boom Chica Boom      Pretty Brown Eyes





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