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    Rickie Page

    Rickie Page & Groups (Los Angeles, Ca)

    aka The Georgettes (1) (Ricki)
    aka The Page Sisters (Ricki & Sonya)
    aka The Austin Sisters (Ricki & Sonya)
    aka The Majorettes (1) (Sheila, Joanna, Susie and Rebecca)
    aka Joanne & The Triangles (3) (Sheila, Joanna,Rebecca)
    aka Beverly & The Motor Scooters (Ricki, Sheila, Joanna,Rebecca)
    aka Becky & The Lollipops (2) (Joanna,Rebecca)
    aka The Bermudas (Sheila, Joanna,Rebecca)
    aka The Cinders (3) (Ricki, Sheila, Joanna,Rebecca)



    Ricki Page

    Rebecca Page

    Joanna Page

    Sheilah Page


    Discography :

    The Georgettes (1)
    1957 - Love Like A Fool / Oh Tonight (Ebb 125)
    1959 - Dizzy Over You / Oh Oh Yes (Jackpot 48001)
    1960 - Down By The River / Pair Of Eyes (Fleet 1111/UA 237)
    1963 - The Story / Little Boy (Troy 1001)

    The Page Sisters
    1957 - Sweet Sweetheart / All My Love Belongs To You (Zephyr 70-012)
    1958 - Dream Boy / If They Only Knew (Liberty 55133)

    The Austin Sisters
    It Happened At The Hop / Love Can Do Most Anything (Edison International 401)

    The Majorettes (1)
    1962 - Stretch Sensation / Dance With Me (Regency 8000)   
    1962 - White Levi's / Please Come Back (Troy 1000)
    1963 - Let's Do the Kangaroo / Dance With Me (Troy 1004)

    Rickie Page & Groups     Rickie Page & Groups

    Joanne & The Triangles (3)
    1963 - After The Showers Come Flowers / Don't Be A Cry Baby (Vip 25003)

    Beverly & The Motor Scooters
    1964 -  He's My Boy / I Had To Walk Home Myself (Epic 9654)

    Becky & The Lollipops (2)
    1964 - I Don't Care (What They Say) / Come On Home (Troy 6493)
    1964 - I Don't Care (What They Say) / My Boyfriend (Epic 9736)

    The Bermudas
    1964 - Donnie / Chu Sen Ling (Era 3125)
    1964 - Blue Dreamer / Seing is Believing (Era 3133)

    The Cinders (3)
    1964 - I'll Follow You    / The Story (Original Sound 43)   


    Biography :

    Rickie Page was born June Evelyn Kuykendall in tiny Lindsay, Oklahoma on 7 November 1929. June became a recording star with releases on Liberty, Dot, Zephyr, and Rendezvous. Sometimes recording with her sister Sonya (The Page Sisters and The Austin Sisters) and Sometimes with some combination of her three daughters Joanna, Sheila, and Becky (Rebecca) Page and their friend Susan Kuykendall.

    Rickie Page & Groups
    The Georgettes

    She also put records out on Con, Landa, Decca, Epic, Era, Fleet, Hit, Landa, Spar, United Artists, and VIP, using a huge variety of artist names, including The Georgettes.   The Georgettes was fronted by Rickie Page in 1957 and were named after her husband/co-writer/producer George Motola. Rickie Page was the only vocalist for the group. The Georgettes appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in January, 1958.

    Rickie Page & Groups
    The Majorettes :  Sheila, Joanna, Susie and Rebecca

    They hired a little Philipino girl, Rosalie, to be the other half and they did the Dick Clark show. The Bermudas, the Majorettes, the Georgettes, Becky & Lollipops, Joanne & the Triangles and Beverly & the Motorscooters – these are just some of the recording names used by  Rickie Page and the female members of her musical family. The Majorettes first released "Stretch Sensation" b/w Dance With Me" which is very much inspired by the recordings of Little Eva and Dee Dee Sharp – in 1962 on the Regency International label.

    Rickie Page & Groups   
    The Bermudas : Joanna, Sheilah & Rebecca                                                                                                           

    They then released “White Levis” on George Motola’s Troy label later that year. “Let’s Do The Kangaroo” followed in 1963 with “Dance With Me” resurrected for the flipside. Rickie Page and George Motola were active in the music business in the late 50s and 60s. They wrote “Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie” for Eddie Cochran, “Donnie” for the Bermudas and “Borealis” for the Markets among other achievements. George wrote “Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)” with John Marascalco.





    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Georgettes (1) 

    Oh Tonight                          Love Like A Fool                          Oh Oh Yes

    Dizzy Over You                             Pair Of Eyes                    Down By The River

    The Story / Little Boy


    The Page Sisters

    Sweet Sweetheart

    The Austin Sisters

       It Happened At The Hop                   Love Can Do Most Anything

    The Majorettes (1)

     White Levi's                                     Please Come Back

           Dance with Me                        Let's Do the Kangaroo

    Joanne & The Triangles (3)

    After The Showers Come Flowers / Don't Be A Cry Baby

    Beverly & The Motor Scooters

                  He's my boy                                I Don't Care (What They Say)

    Becky & The Lollipops (2)

    I Don't Care (What They Say)              My Boyfriend                      Come On Home        

    The Bermudas

    Chu Sen Ling                        Seing is Believing

    Blue Dreamer                       Donnie


    The Cinders (3)

       The Story                                           I'll Follow You


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