The Jaynells (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Gleems


    Personnel :

    Phil Nigro

    Pierre Massey

    Cornell McDaniels

    Vic Spina


    Discography :

    The Jaynells
    1963 -I'll Stay Home / Down Home (Inst.) (Cameo 286/Diamond 153)
    1984 - Out Of A Million Girls / At The End Of A Sunset (Angela 101)
    1984 - Portrait of Love / Hollywood Actor (Angela 102)

    The Gleems
    1963 - Sandra Baby / You Are The One (Parkway 893)


    Biography :

    When the four instrumentalists in the Jays merged their talents with the four vocalists in the Cornells in 1961, they logically called themselves the Jaynells. For the singers - Vic Spina, Cornell McDaniels, Phil Nigro and Pierre Massey - being a self-contained band meant a better shot at success. They Got that chance on October 28, 1963 when "I'll Stay At Home (New Year's Eve)", written bu George Davis and John Taylor of the Creators, and "Sandra Baby" were recorded under the supervision of  Ben Archilla. 

    Phil Nigro, Pierre Massey, Cornell McDaniels and Vic Spina

    Ben Archilla was an independent producer, he did not work for Cameo Parkway. If he really asked them "do you want to see the record released" he could've put it out independently.  He shopped the master around until someone showed interest, and the Kolsky brothers bought it and issued it on Diamond records. Cameo records came in once the record started to take off, and bought the master from Joe Kolsky, along with the Jaynells contract.  This immediately took the Diamond 45 off the market and by this point Cameo realized they were too late in getting their version of the disc out for the Christmas/New Years season, and decided to scrap re-releasing it.  The group recorded a second 45 for Cameo, which was issued on their Parkway label, but when the 45 was released, their name was changed to the Gleems (which the band did not know about and was not happy about). In fact, the original tape box for the follow up single has the name the Jaynells on it, crossed out, with The Gleems written on top of it. Four songs from 1963' session were released in 1984 on the Angela label.


    Songs :
    updated by Hans-Joachim

    The Jaynells

                  I'll Stay Home                           Portrait Of Love / Hollywood Actor

    Out Of A Million Girls / At The End Of A Sunset


    The Gleems

    Sandra Baby                                   You Are The One


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