• The Jo-Vals (1)
    (L to R) Joe Mancuso, Phil Avella, Ron Dabruzzo and John Ferraro

    The Jo-Vals (1) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    John Ferraro (Falsetto / Lead)

    Joe Mancuso (Baritone)

    Ron DaBruzzo (Tenor)

    Phil Avella (Tenor)


    Discography :

    1964 - You, You My Love / Sometimes I'm Happy (Laurie 3229)
    1964 - Ballerina / I Want You (To Be My Girl) (Alwil 101/102)

    Biography :

    Back in the heyday of Doo-Wop, young kids all over the country dreamed of scoring a hit record and finding their path to fame, riches and glory. But all of the doo-wop groups were soon overtaken by the arrival of the Beatles and the British muscial invasion that would come within the year 1963. The group came from the Brooklyn and were composed by John Ferraro (the group's "Falsetto" lead), Joe Mancuso (the baritone) and tenor voices of Phil Avella and his cousin, Ron DaBruzzo. Phil Avella and Ron DaBruzzo. The group was managed by a New York City Police Officer named Al Diaco. Even though they arrived late, The Jo-Vals recorded two great quality singles.


    In Fall 1963, They recorded the excellent "You, You My Love" composed and arranged by Al Diaco (b/w "Sometimes I'm Happy"). The single will not be released until February 1964 by Laurie Records. In the Summer 1964, Al Diaco produce and arranged a second single, "Ballerina" b/w "I Want You (To Be My Girl)" released on the tiny label Alwil. That same year, a third single from the Jo-Vals was released under the Grove label, but it is not from the same group. It seems that the singer is Artie Loria from the Bronx who did many sessions with The Demilles, The Camerons, the Tremonts, etc.


    Songs :

        You, You My Love                        Sometimes I'm Happy

             Ballerina                                 I Want You (To Be My Girl)


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