• The Kays (Rochester, N.Y)

    Personnel :

    Shirlee "Kim" Laporte

    Marianne "Karl" Pocratsky

    Elta "Kris" Kernohan

    Discography :

    1958 - Who's Gonna Take You Home / Baby (MGM K12630)

    Biography :

    The girls are members of a professional dance troupe, the "Lucky Girls." They became recording artists in a sort of impromptu way, while appearing at the Triton Hotel in Rochester, N.Y.. While resting between shows, they playfully began harmonizing and were overheard by Vince (Jan) Giancursio, owner of the Fine Recording Studio of Rochester and member of the band playing at the Triton.


    He was impressed, and arranged for a recording session. The trio successfully recorded "Baby," and then in another session waxed a catchy tune they composed themselves, "Who's Gonna Take You Home" with musical arrangement by the Rhythm Rogues. Vince Giancursio took the tape recording to New York and sold it to M.G.M Recording.


     The "Kays" then were offered a six month contract with a year's option. Disc jockeys and jukeboxes over the nation are playing the tune, "Who's Gonna Take You Home,"and it's already reached "hit" status in Buffalo, Syracuse, New York City, Detroit and Boston.

    Songs :

    Who's Gonna Take You Home / Baby (only a part of the two songs)


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