• The Larados (Dearborn,Mich.)

    Personnel :

    Ron Morris (Lead)

    Tom Hust (Tenor)

    Bob Broderick (Second Tenor)

    Bernie Turnbull (Baritone)

    Don Davenport (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Larados
    1957 - Now the parting begins / Bad Bad guitar man (fox 963)

    1957 - Rock'n roll mama (Unreleased)

    1957 - Angels in heaven (Unreleased)

    1980 - N/A - Will you love me tomorrow / You didn't care (Madog 801)
    1980 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow / You Didn't Care / Afterthoughts / Big Boss Man (Larado EP)

    Danny Zella & the Larados

    1957 - You made me blue / Sapphire (Dial 100)
    1959 - Wicked Ruby / Black Sax (Fox 10056)

    Biography :

    The original Larados were high school friends in detroit in the mid-1950s. the first group sustained many personnel changes.

    they were friends of the Diablos, coming from the same locale. When the group visited the fortune records facility in Detroit, they met with jack Brown, who owned Fortune Records with wife Devora. By pointing his finger arbitraly at a map, he named the group the Larados by pointing at Laredo, Texas. This was early in 1955.

    Phil Waddell became their manager. He also managed the Five Scalders on Drummond. Waddell became interested in the Larados because they had such a tight black sound. Prevoiously Waddell had handled only black vocal groups, and the white but black-sounding Larados presented a challenge to Waddell.

    Early in 1956 the original group broke up, but one member, Gary Banovetz, met several other singers from another group that had recently split up. These singers teamed up and practiced a great deal. but later in 1956 Banovetz left and was replaced by Don Davenport, Bass from the Romeos on Fox.

    The Larados were  then asked to record for Fox Recors. This was 1957 and they recorded four tunes for Fox, but only two were released and met with limited local success.
    They then went to New York looking for someone to assist them. They went to the Apollo Theater, but Apollo Management would not accept them because they were white!

    They appeared on Arthur Godfrey's talent scouts show, but neither Godfrey nor his audience cared for them and they returned to Detroit.
    They made many live appearances in trade for radio airplay.

    Danny Zella

    Broderick left and Banovetz returned to perform with the group doing backup for a female Artist at Fox.
    The Larados later became the Reflections on Golden World.

    Mitch Rosalsky (Encyclopedia of R&B and Doo-wop Vocal group)



    CD :


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