• The Squires (2)
    Delmer Wilburn

    The Squires (2) (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    Delmer Wilburn (Lead)

    Otis White (First Tenor)

    Jimmy Richardson (Second Tenor)

    James Myles (Baritone)

    Maurice Giles (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1953 - Let's Give Love A Try / Whop (Combo 35)
    1954 - Oh Darling / My Little Girl (Combo 42)

    Unreleased :
    1954 - Where Are You Tonight (Combo)
    1954 - I Want A Girl (Combo)
    1954 - Am I A Fool (Combo)

    Biography :

    The Squires consisted of Delmer Wilburn (lead), Otis White (first tenor), Jimmy Richardson (second tenor), James Myles (baritone), and Maudice Giles (bass). They first got together in the Greenmeadows Playground in L.A. In the fall of 1953, Jess Willard, who owned a record shop, heard them practice and brought them to the attention of Vernon "Jake" Porter, owner of Combo Records. In late 1953, they recorded at least seven songs for Combo. Two of these, "Let's Give Love A Try"/"Whop," came out that year. Two others, "Oh Darling"/"My Little Girl," were issued in early 1954.

    The Squires (2)   The Squires (2)
    Maurice Giles                                                                                       Vernon "Jake" Porter      

    There are three known unreleased tracks: "Where Are You Tonight," "I Want A Girl," and "Am I A Fool." When they drifted apart, Delmer Wilburn eventually ended up in the Turks with Gaynel and Alex Hodge. Later on, he was part of Eli Price & the Manhattans on Dooto, and then the Mandels, who recorded for Lilly in 1961 [Alice Smith, Ann Cain, Pearline Bradford, and Emily Mayweather]. Maurice Giles became a member of the Hollywood Saxons.



    Songs :

    Let's Give Love A Try / Whop                      Oh Darling                   

            My Little Girl                             Where Are You Tonight

    I Want A Girl                               Am I A Fool


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