• The Four Kings (6) aka The Uniques (4)
    The Four Kings

    The Four Kings (6) (Linden, New Jersey)
    aka The Uniques (4)


    Personnel :

    Wayne Tevlin (Lead)

    Sam Stray (Second Tenor)

    Joseph Lipira (First Tenor)

    Richard (Luigi) Soldo (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Uniques (4)
    1960 - I'm So Unhappy / It's Got To Come From Your Heart (Pride 1018)
    1961 - I'm So Unhappy / I’m Confessin (That I Love You) (Gone 5113/ Bliss 1004)
    Unreleased :
    1960 - How Was I To Know? (Pride)

    The Four Kings (6)
    1963 - Lonely Lovers / One Night (Canadian American 173)


    Biography :

    Sam Stray has been writing songs since 1953, his very first song was called "She’s My Baby (Yes She Is)" his first group was formed in Linden Junior High. The members were Sammy, Ronald and Aonald West (Twins)(Baritone,Bass), and their cousin Robert Cunningham (First Tenor, they were the first vocal group to use the name THE CUFF-LINKS. They split up when they got to Linden High.

    The Four Kings (6) aka The Uniques (4)    The Four Kings (6) aka The Uniques (4) 

    The Uniques - Top : Raymond Creapeau & Richard  Soldo  - Bottom : Sam Stray & Wayne Tevlin                                          

     That is where Sam Stary met Wayne Tevlin, a great singer and fabulous guitarist. They inducted a classmate Richard (Luigi) Soldo (Mr. Bassman) and first tenor Raymond Creapeau (Pitched for the Detroit Tigers) they called themselves The Uniques. Sammy Stray wrote a song called "I’m So Unhappy", a promoter named Dick Pride heard it, liked it, changed the bridge and send the group to New York City where they recorded four songs.

    The Four Kings (6) aka The Uniques (4)    The Four Kings (6) aka The Uniques (4)

    "I’m So Unhappy" and "It's Got To Come From Your Heart" was released in 1960 on Pride Records and later re-released on Bliss and Gone Records with a new B side "I'm Confessin (That I Love You)". "I'm Confessin" was a metropolitan hit and was selected CHAMP record on Murray the K's swinging soiree 1010 WINS radio show, New York City.

       The Four Kings (6) aka The Uniques (4)   The Four Kings (6) aka The Uniques (4)
                  Tom DeCillis                                                                    Nicky Massi  & Tommy Devito

    They tried real hard to make a hit record but Lady Luck was not on their side. Joseph Lipira replaced Raymond Creapeau, the Uniques changed their name to The Four Kings and recorded in 1963 for Can American Records the side "One Night" b/w "Lonely Lovers" both written by they manager Tom DeCillis. "One Night" was written originally for the Four Seasons. Tommy Devito & Nicky Massi played on the tracks and helped arrange it. Then a bomb dropped, the British Invasion hit the USA. The Uniques / Four Kings called it quits.


    Songs :

    The Uniques (4)

    I’m Confessin (That I Love You)                I'm So Unhappy               

    It's Got To Come From Your Heart            How Was I To Know?           

    The Four Kings (6)

    Lonely Lovers                                              One Night

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