• The Du-Vons

    The Du Vons (San Bernardino, Ca.)

    Personnel :

    Jerry Jackson (Lead)

    Leonard Siders

    Steve Parker

    Gilbert Chavez

    Bill Bridges


    Discography :

    1961 - Write Me A Letter / Come Back Baby, Come Back (Brand X 7) ‎


    Biography :

    In May 1960, Five Pacific High School students have recorded for the Pal Studio under the Management of George Babcock, Popular radio disc Jockey. Jerry Jackson sophomore at PHS, is the head of the group called "Jerry Lee & The Jesters". Also in the group are Leonard Siders, Steve Parker, Gilbert Chavez and Bill Bridges, all students PHS.

    The Du Vons
    Jerry Lee & The Jesters

    Jerry Jackson lived in Kentucky for 16 years before coming to California. He had lived one month when he meet Siders, and they began to sing together. In 1961, they started at PHS they met the rest of the group know as "Jerry Lee and the Jesters." In January 1961, their record "Write Me A Letter" b/w "Come Back Baby, Come Back" was released.

    The Du-Vons

    Jerry Jackson wrote both songs and also plays his own music. When the disc was released, "Jerry Lee & The Jesters" no longer existed, George Babcock had renamed the group The Du-Vons.


    Songs :

              Write Me A Letter                    Come Back Baby, Come Back


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