The Falcons (5) (Detroit)
    Aka The Ramblers (2) aka The Fabulous Playboys

    Personnel :

    Carlis "Sonny" Monroe (Lead)

    James "Ooh Wee" Gibson (First Tenor)

    Johnny Alvin (Second Tenor/ Baritone)

    Alton "Bart" Hollowel (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Ramblers (2)

    Singles :
    1956 - The Heaven And Earth / Don't You Know (Federal 12286)

    Unreleased :
     N/A - Shame On Me (Federal)
     N/A - Days A Week (Federal)

    The Fabulous Playboys

    1959 - I Fooled You / Sweet Pea And The Broncbuster (Contour 004)
    1961 - Nervous / Forget The Past (Daco 1001/Apollo 758)
    1961 - Honkey Tonk Woman  Tears, Tears, Tears (Apollo 760)

    The Falcons (5)

    Singles :

    1963 - Oh Baby / Fine Fine Girl (Atlantic 2207)
    1964 - Lonely Nights / Has It Happened To You Yet (Lu-Pine 124/Lu-Pine 1020)
    1966 - (I'm A Fool) I Must Love You / Love, Love, Love (Big Wheel 321/322)
    1966 - Standing On Guard / I Can't Help It (Big Wheel 1967)
    1967 - Love Look In Her Eyes / In Time For The Blues ((Big Wheel 1971)
    1967 - Good Good Feeling / Love You Like You Never Been Loved (Big Wheel 1972)
    1964 - Love The Way You Walk (Lu-Pine)
    1964 - Stick By You  (Lu-Pine)


    Biography :

    The Falcons were during their history two groups with the first group having two eras. Coming together in the mid 50's, with a mixed race line-up of Bob Manardo, Eddie Floyd, Ton Shelter and Arnett Robinson, with Willie Schofield joining soon after. Eddie Floyds uncle Robert West became the groups manager.


    Bob Manardo was soon drafted and Tom Shelter decided to enlist himself. West held auditions which in turn lead to Joe Stubbs joining the ranks along with guitarist Lance Finnie, Mack Rice following not too long after replacing Arnett Robinson.

    Without going into too much detail this was essentially the first era of the group, the second, after changes to the line up lead to Wilson Pickett joining the group to provide vocals. Not long after signing for Atlantic and after just one session and one solitary release 1962, the group split, most of the group did have solo careers by this time as well as their time with the group.

    This left West with just a name, a name he had no intention of seeing become history. Early 1963 West saw a group play in Cleveland, The Fabulous Playboys, coincidentally one he managed.

    The Ramblers

     After seeing their performances and eager to keeping the name the Falcons alive West asked the Fabulous Playboys to take over the name, something they eventually agreed to seeing a better financial future with the name The Falcons, the line-up of the second group being Sonny Monroe, James Gibson, Johnny Alvin & Alton "Bart" Hollowell.

    Songs :

    Standing On Guard                    Oh Baby

    Love Look In Her Eyes         Love Like You Never Been Loved


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