• The Majestics (7)

    The Majestics (7) (Jersey City, New Jersey)


    Personnel :

    Jerome Contey

    Louis Contey

    Dennis "Skip" Skipper

    Peter Moscatello


    Discography :

    1962 - Puppet Beat (The Big Three) / Puppet Bop (The Big Two) (Wren 150)


    Biography :

    Peter Moscatiello  have been in and around the music since 1958. While attending P.S. 15 in Jersey City, New Jersey, he met Dennis Skipper (Skip), through his friend Louis Contey. Skip was into vocal harmony and was teaching Louis and his brother Jerome how to harmonize. They asked Peter if he wanted to sing and as Skip taught him the basics, he became hooked. But the driving force, the thing that lit the fire under him was hearing the song that launched Laurie records: "I Wonder Why" by Dion and the Belmonts.

    The Majestics (7)     The Majestics (7)
    Dennis "Skip" Skipper & Louis Contey                                                                                                                        

    They called themselves the Majestics and were together for two years. they parted ways when they went off to different high schools. In those two years they sang at dances and even performed at the "Teenage World Fair" at Freedomland in New York. In 1962, They recorded one song : "Puppet Beat" under the name the Big Three. The Big  were The Majestics, The Bongo Walers & The Beachcombers. The other side is an instrumental "Puppet Bop" as the Big Two. The Big Two were the same minus The Majestics.

    Songs :

    Puppet Beat

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