• The Ponsonby Sisters  (Azalea, Oregon)
    Aka The Ponsi Sisters


    Shella Ponsonby

    Sharon Ponsonby

    Patty Ponsonby

    Donna Ponsonby

    Maureen Ponsonby

    Discography :

    The Ponsi Sisters
    1959 -  School Bells, Wedding Bells / Chihuahua Cha Cha (Bingo 104)

    Leon Smith & The Ponsonby Sisters
    1959 - Once I Had A Heart / Little Forty Ford (Leon Smith) (Willamette 101)

    Biography :

    This group of five sisters from Azalea, started singing since 1955. The Sisters are Shella 8, Sharon 20, Patty 16, Donna 17 and Maureen 18. They have appeared at various county celebrations and win some Talent Contest. Other successes included winning third place on a pacific states talent show held in Portland's Paramount theatre in which 60 musical groups vied for the opportunity to appear on the Patty Page Show in New York City.

    Shella in front and from left to right : Sharon , Patty , Donna  and Maureen

    The group has received some national recognition because of their  appearance in March 1959 on The Lawrence Welk television program. They were special guest stars "The Ponsonby Sisters" of Azalea, Oregon. They did two numbers, "Mommy" and "No Other Arms". Thus far, the group has cut one record, "School Bells, Wedding Bells" and "Chihuahua Cha Cha" on the Bingo Label as the Ponsi Sisters.

    Bingo Records was owned by Los Angeles DJ and TV personality Jim Specs Hawthorne. During 1959 and 1960 it produced at least seven 45rpm records featuring acts like Bing Crosby soundalike Troy Cori or the Ponsi sisters.

    Leon Smith                                                                               

    In 1959, The Ponsonby Sisters backed Leon Smith on "Once I Had A Heart" for Willamette Records Owned by Leon Smith' Father. In 1960, they have signed a contract to record for Capitol, Unfortunately, nothing will be released and the success fades gradually.

    Songs :

    Leon Smith & The Ponsonby Sisters

    Once I Had a Heart



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