• The Palisades (2)
    1959 - L to R: Jim Fleming, Larry Knechtel, Dick Gabriel, Brian Garfield, John Armstrong.

    The Palisades (2) (Tucson, Arizona)


    Personnel :

    Jim Fleming

    Larry Knechtel

    Dick Gabriel

    Brian Garfield

    John Armstrong

    Personnel :

    1960 - I Can't Quit / Close Your Eyes (Calico 113)


    Biography :

    Brian Francis Wynne Garfield grew up in Arizona, earned a Master’s Degree from the University of Arizona. At the University of ArizonaHe he formed a five-man group vocal & instrumental called The Palisades consisted of Brian , Jim Fleming, Larry Knechtel, Dick Gabriel and John Armstrong. The five switched instruments all the time, though Garfield usually wound up playing either bass or lead guitar.

    The Palisades (2)    The Palisades (2)

    They have a contract with Calico and top-40 hit with "I Can't Quit". They appeared on “American Bandstand” and other programs. Along the way, they spent several months playing in a lounge where the owner had a policy of bringing in guest acts. One time they brought in a singer they just knew was going to make it big, and 10 years later he did. Lou Rawls.

    The Palisades (2)

    The Palisades, however, reached a plateau about . $1,250 week and came to the collective decision that they'd never get any bigger. One member split for Los Angeles, another became the bassist most in demand for studio work on the West Coast Larry Knechtel. The world later knew Brian Garfield as a multi-million seller famous book author that included Death Wish which was made into a movie starring Charles Bronson with 4 sequels.


    Songs :

    I Can't Quit                                      Close Your Eyes


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