The Sinceres (4) (Yonkers, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Salvatore "Sal Anthony" Corrente

    Frank Camarota

    Joe Petrosine

    Al Myslick

    Paul Fernandes


    Discography :
    Singles :
    1978 - I Got A Girl / Joyce (Crystal Ball 126)
    1960 - Please Say You Want Me

    Biography :

    Salvatore "Sal Anthony" Corrente was inspired by the black and white singing groups in and around his neighborhood in Yonkers, New York. He became the first tenor of his first local neighborhood group, The Pastels in 1956. This group consisted of Sal, Paul Miksad, Anthony Pascuicco and Richard Bergan. They had a sound similar to the Four Aces and the Four Freshmen, doing local partie and shows but no recordings.

    Then Sal would join a mixed group called the Five Flames. They appeared at the famed Amateur Night at the Apollo in harlem, New York City. It was here they came in tied for second place with the famous Channels. This group too had no recordings.
    In 1957, Sal would form his third group with some fellow students; Frank Camarota, Joe Petrosine, Al Myslick and Paul Fernandes who would become kwnow as the Sinceres.

    As the Sinceres many demo were recorded including very first song Sal wrote, "Joyce". In 1978, Crystal Ball released "I Got A Girl" b/w "Joyce". By the end of 1960, this group would breakup and Sal would form The Dials. Sal and Frank Rangione, Dario Bianchini, Joe Raguso  and Joe Rasulo were again all neighborhood (Yonkers) friends.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)   

           I Got A Girl                                   Joyce                         Please Say You Want Me



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