• The Four Troys  (Pittsburgh, PA)
    aka The Four Dots (1)

    Personnel :

    Kenny Jackson (First Tenor)

    Melvin Peters (Second Tenor)

    Manning Rosemont (Baritone)

    Marvin Brown (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Four Dots (1)
    1956 - Rita  / He Man Looking For A She Girl (Bullseye 103)

    Fletcher Williams & The Four Dots (1)
    1956 - Peace Of Mind / Kiss Me Sugar Plum (Bullseye 104)

    The Four Troys
    Singles :
    1959 - In The Moonlight / Suddenly You Want To Dance (Freedom 44013)
    1959 - Weeping Willow (Freedom)

    Fletcher Williams
    1957 - Mary Lou / Stop Look And Love Me (Bullseye 1001)

    Biography :

    The Four Dots started as the Mellows around 1950, in the Hill District and Homewood sections of Pittsburgh, PA. After a few personnel changes, the members were Fletcher Williams (lead), Melvin Peters (second tenor), Kenneth Miller (baritone) and Marvin Brown (bass). They signed with booking agent Don DeCarlo, who suggested that they change their name to the Four Dots.


    Legendary Pittsburgh DJ Porky Chedwick knew the owner of Bullseye Records in New York, and persuaded him to set up a recording session. This sole Bullseye session took place in February 1956. The first record (Rita / He Man Looking For A She Girl) was released in March 1956 and was played in Pittsburgh on WHOD and WCAE. When the record failed to take off nationally, Bullseye released the 4 Dots' second record (Peace of Mind / Kiss Me Sugar Plum) in June 1956.

    It also got local play, but no national success, so Bullseye never asked the Four Dots to record again as a group. Bullseye did bring Fletcher Williams into the studio for two additional solo tracks. In 1959, with a couple of personnel changes, the Four Dots got another shot at recording; this time for the Freedom label, a subsidiary of Liberty Records of California. Brown and Peters were still active in the group, but Williams and Miller had been replaced by Kenny Jackson and Manning Rosemont, respectively. Since Freedom already had a California-based Four Dots group, the two tracks, In The Moonlight and Suddenly You Want To Dance were released as being by the Four Troys

    Songs :

    The Four Dots (1)

     Rita                 He Man Looking For A She Girl                   Peace Of Mind

    Kiss Me Sugar Plum

    The Four Troys

    In The Moonlight                       Suddenly You Want To Dance

    Fletcher Williams

    Mary Lou


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