• The Cordovans

    The Cordovans (New York)


    Irvin Cox

    Alvin Grant

    Alvin Hassell

    Discography :

    1960 - My Heart / Come On Baby (Johnson 731)

    Biography :

    Hiram Johnson ran a small R&B label that, in the late '50s, recorded some of the best of the Chicago's doo wop groups. Although he only had hits with the Shells' "Baby Oh Baby" and the Dubs' "Don't Ask Me to Be Lonely," reveals that Johnson Records was a haven for obscure vocal acts. Groups like the Carribians, the Arcades, Little Nate and the Chryslers, the Cameos, the Marvels, Bobby Capri and Velvet Satins, Cleo and the Crystaliers and the Cordovans show that the label had a sound -- a crude one, to be sure.

    The Cordovans

    The Cordovans' "My Heart" / "Come On Baby" (#731) was first released in the Winter of 1958 on The Johnson Label now run by Jim McCarthy. The group, Which included Irvin Cox (the songs were written by Alvin grant and Alvin Hassell, also in the group), could not be located when the records was re-issued by McCarthy in the Fall of 1960.


    Come On Baby                                      My Heart      


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