• The Trinidads
    1960 - Claude Forch, Charles Davis,Charles Colbert Jr. and Norman Prince

    The Trinidads (Chicago



    Hosea Brown (Lead/Tenor)

    Charles Davis (Lead/Tenor)

    Charles Colbert Jr. (First Tenor)

    Norman Prince (Baritone)

    Claude Forch (Bass


    Discography :

    1959 - Don't Say Goodbye / On My Happy Day (Formal 1005)

    1960 - When We're Together / One Lonely Night  (Formal 1006)

    Biography :

    The Trinidads, a vocal group of five fellows, was the first act Talty ever released on record. The members of the group were all in their late teens and from the southwestern suburbs, mainly Argo and LaGrange.  They were Charles Davis, Hosea Brown , Charles Colbert Jr., Norman Price , and Claude Forch. Davis and Colbert were cousins. The history of the group was short, lasting only from early 1958 to 1961. During this time Talty released two unimpressive records on the group and had them play local dates at high schools and similar places.

    Songs :

    When We're Together                            Don't Say Goodbye

    One Lonely Night



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