• The Class-Airs ( Bristol, RI)


    Personnel :

    Jerry Raymond "Cal Raye" (Falsetto, First Tenor)

    Al Gilbert (Bass)

    Bob Armstrong (First Tenor)

    Ken Catalano (Second Tenor,Baritone)


    Discography :

    The Class-Airs
    1961 - Too Old To Cry / My Tears Start to Fal (Honey Bee 1)

    Cal Raye & The Class-Airs
    1964 -  Lovely Lies / Mr. Peppermint Man (Pharaoh 364)


    Biography :

    Group from Bristol,RI. consited From left to right: Al Gilbert (bass) , Bob Armstrong (first tenor), Ken Catalano (second tenor, barritone), & Jerry Raymond "Cal Raye" (falsetto, first tenor) . They all sang lead, depending on the song and the range. The original group name was the Classics, which they had to suddenly change it to The Class-airs when another group came out with a hit record using the same name 'Classics' whom you all know quite well.
    By dowopper51


    Songs :

    The Class-Airs

    Too Old To Cry                             My Tears Start to Fall

    Cal Raye &  The Class-Airs

    Lovely Lies                         Mr. Peppermint Man

    Cal Raye & Don Decarlo

    We Belong Together


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