• The Mad Lads (1) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Youngsters (1)


    Personnel :

    Robert Johnson (Lead Tenor)

    Charles Everidge (Second Tenor)

    James Monroe Warren (Bass)


    Discography :

    1962 - Hey Man  / Why  (Mark-fi 1934)
    1963 - Eli The Iceman / Quit Shuckin' (Melic 4140)


    Biography :

    When the Lions broke up, Charles Everidge and James Warren teamed up with Robert Johnson , as a trio called the Mad Lads (named after, E. Rodney Jones, "The Mad Lad," a Kansas City DJ that Charles used to listen to).  They recorded "Hey Man" and "Why" for H.B. Barnum's Mark-Fi label (the audition for Barnum was arranged by Kent Harris, the former "Boogaloo"). There was also 1963's "Eli The Iceman" and "Quit Shuckin'" for Melic, owned by drummer Lee Young, brother of saxman Lester Young.


    Songs :

     Why                                    Hey Man


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