• The Gainors
    Garnet Mimms 

    The Gainors (Philadelphia, PA)


    Personnel :

    Garnet Mimms (Lead)

    Howard Tate

    Sam Bell

    Willie Combo

    John Jefferson


    Discography :

    The Gainors
    Singles :
    1958 - The Secret / Gonna Rock Tonite (Cameo Parkway 151)
    1958 - You Must Be An Angel / Follow Me (Cameo Parkway 156 / Red Top 110)
    1959 - She's My Lollipop / A Message With Flowers (Mercury 71466)
    1960 - She's Gone / Please Consider (Mercury 71569)
    1960 - Nothing Means More To Me / I'm In Love With You ((Mercury 71630/71632)
    1961 - This Is Perfect Moment / Where I Want To Be (Talley-Ho 102)
    1961 - Tell Him / Darlin’ (Talley-Ho 105)

    Garnet Mimms (bb The Gainors) (uncredited)
    Unreleased :
    N/A - I Love You*
    N/A - Sapphire*
    N/A - Too Marvelous To Be True*
    N/A - You Don't Send Me Anymore*
    N/A - How Long Will It Last**
    N/A - Let It Live**
    N/A - My Heart Cries For You**
    N/A - Shrimp Boats**
    *released on the Guest Star LP G-1907 / GS-1907 in 1961
    **released on the Grand Prix LP K-424 / KS-424 in 1963


    Biography :

    The Gainors (formerly the Bel-Aires) who scored regionally their first time out-the-box in 1958 on Red Top Records with "The Secret," were Garnett Mimms, Howard Tate, Sam Bell, Willie Combo, and John Jefferson. Mimms formed the group in Philadelphia (where he was raised) after a stint in the Air Force; born Garrett Mimms in Ashland, WV, his family relocated to Philly where he got his start singing gospel with the Evening Stars, the Harmonizing Four, and the Norfolk Four who he cut his first record with in 1953.

    The Gainors     The Gainors
    Howard Tate                                                                                                            

     Howard Tate, the group's other illustrious member, was born in Macon, GA, and previously sang with the Bill Doggett Band. Sam Bell, became a songwriter of some note, writing for the late Lorraine Ellison, Tate (as a solo act), Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters, and others. "The Secret" was their most successful record, but a cover by Gordon McCrae sold even better, making the lower echelons of the charts while the Gainors' rendition failed to register nationally. Red Top followed it with a sweet ballad "You Must Be an Angel," a lesser local/regional hit but a hot item if you can find the original Red Top 45, going for around 500 smackers. Cameo Records picked up both Red Top singles in an attempt to bust 'em nationally.

    The Gainors     The Gainors
                                                                                                                             Garnett Mimms

    The quintet signed with Mercury Records from 1959-1960 and added three more singles, albeit unsuccessful, to their discography: "She's My Lollipop," "Please Consider," and "I'm in Love With You" b/w "Nothing Means More to Me." Two more droppings on Tally-Ho Records in 1961 -- "This Is the Perfect Moment" b/w "Where I Want to Be" and "Tell Him" b/w "Darlin" -- completed the Gainors brief history. They never had a national hit or even one that got as far as the Midwest despite the singing ability of Mimms and Tate. In 1963, Mimms formed Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters with Sam Bell, Charles Boyer, and Zola Pearnell.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

           The Secret                      Gonna Rock Tonite                 You Must Be An Angel

    Follow Me                     She's My Lollipop                          She's Gone

    Nothing Means More To Me        I'm In Love With You          This Is Perfect Moment    

        Where I Want To Be                     Tell Him                     A Message With Flowers

    Please Consider                       Darlin’                                   I Love You

             Sapphire                  Too Marvelous To Be True         You Don’t Send Me Anymore

    How Long Will It Last                        Let It Live                 My Heart Cries For You

    Shrimp Boats

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