• The Universals (4) (Hollywood, Ca)


    Personnel :

    Henry Glover

    John McVey

    James Collie, Jr.

    Lenora Davis


    Discography :

    1962 - A Love Only You Can Give / I'm In Love (Shepherd 2000)


    Biography :

    The Idea for a vocal group occurred to three members of the four Universals during their Army careers when, Henry Glover, John McVey and James Collie, Jr. were singing for troops in the service. Upon discharge, they felt the need for adding a female voice and singled out Lenora Davis, who had been studying singing for a year but who had not yet done any professional work. The four Youngsters worked together for some time, forgetting their own individual singing styles and trying to achieve a certain style and sound for the group as a wholes. When a demonstration record was submitted to RCA Victor's West Coast A&R Representative, lee Shapiro, he liked what he heard and signed the quartet to a recording contract. The masters were probably sold, in 1962 the two songs was released  by Shepherd record in Hollywood.

    Songs :

    A Love Only You Can Give                          I'm In Love              


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