• The Intentions (2)
    Chip & The Quartertones : Chip Kopaczewiki, Dick Curry, Jimmy Murkens & Tony Galantino

    Chip & The Quartertones (Philadelphia, Pa.)
    ref : The Intentions (2)

    Personnel :

    Chip Kopaczewski (Lead)

    Tony Galantino (Baritone/Bass)

    Jimmy Murkens (1st/2nd Tenor)

    Dick Curry (Baritone/2nd Tenor)

    Jimmy Gleason (1st Tenor)

    Discography :

    Chip & The Quartertones
    Single :
    1964 - Simple Simon / You Were My Baby (Carlton 604)
    Unreleased :
    1964 - He's In Love With Sandra (Carlton)
    1964 - She Walked Away (Carlton)

    The Intentions (2)
    1964 - I'm In Love With A Go Go Girl / Wonderful Girl (Melron 5014)

    Biography :

    Chip Kopaczewski first recorded with the Quartertones in 1964. That group didn't last as long as the list of its original members: Chip Kopaczewski (lead), Tony Galantino (baritone/bass), Jimmy Murkens (1st/2nd tenor), Dick Curry (baritone/2nd tenor) and Jimmy Gleason (1st tenor). They practice and singing locally when signed Bill Fredericks as their manager who connected the group with LeRoy Lovett a record executive.

    The Intentions (2)
    Chip & The Quartertones : Chip Kopaczewski, Tony Galantino, Dick Curry & Jimmy Murkens

    In the fall of 1964 LeRoy Lovett send the group  at the Sound Plus Studio on Kensington Av. in Philadelphia to cut "Simple Simon" and "You Were My Baby" .The single will be released released on the Carlton label in New York owned by Jack Carlton. "Simple Simon" and "You Were My Baby"  Which came to be the entire catalogue of singles released by the group, it abandoned in the summer of '65 as Chip Kopaczewski and fellow member, Tony Galantino, joined the Intentions. Before the arrivals of Chip & Tony, the Intentions is composed by Eddie Sachetti (lead/1st tenor), Albert DiPrieto (baritone), Charlie Votta (1st tenor) & Tony Avicol.

    The Intentions (2)   The Intentions (2)
    The Intentions : Al DiPrietro, Tony Avicol, Charlie Votta and Eddie Sachetti (seated)                                                                             

    The new intentions, Eddie Sachetti, Albert DiPrieto, Charlie Votta, Tony Galantino and Chip Kopaczewski released "I'm In Love With a Go Go Girl" b/w "Wonderful Girl" in 1965. One side is an original composition by the group, and the flip side is an exceptional version of the Five Satins song. The same year their musical venture was finished. Kopaczewski, Galantino and Votta then attended Cheney University in Pennsylvania together, not to enter into the music business again.

    Songs :

    Chip & The Quartertones

    Simple Simon                           You Were My Baby

    He's In Love With Sandra                  She Walked Away    

    The Intentions (2)

    I'm In Love With A Go Go Girl                       Wonderful Girl       


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