• The Five Clasics (2)

    The 5 Classic's (Philadelphia)


    Personnel :

    Sal Amerello aka Sal Dupree (Lead)

    Richie Grasso (Second Tenor)

    Vince Sorge

    Nickie Pescatore (Baritone)

    Jimmy Sofia


    Discography :

    The 5 Classic's
    1963 - Magic Star / Old Cape Cod (Rode 101)

    Dean Randolph bb The 5 Classic's
    Single :
    1963 - False Love / Girl In The White Convertible (Not them) (Chancellor 1138)
    Unreleased :
    1963 - I Will Wait For You

    Biography :

    Vocal group from South Philly, 15th & Ritner. In 1958, Richie Grasso a 12–year-old singing pre-teen, with friends Frankie & Nickie Pescatore went "looking for an echo", and found it within the voices of Leon "Texas" Barrett, and Johnny Reds. Dubbing themselves The Concepts, they were soon off trekking to the big apple with songwriters John McGilvery and Frank D‘Amore, who ushered them into Fine Brothers recording studio. The group recorded "Turnaround" written by the Mc Gilvery/D‘Amore team, but the song remained unreleased after being shopped to a few record labels. Apparently, Mc Gilvery & D‘Amore became more interested in the voice of Frankie Pescatore, whisking him into a solo deal.

    The Five Clasics (2)     The Five Clasics (2) 

    Dean Randolph                                                                                                          

    The group reformed as The 5 Classics, with Richie, his cousin Vince Sorge, Nickie Pescatore, Jimmy Sofia, and the addition of Sal Amerello (aka Sal Dupree). In 1960, The new lineup was heard by producers named Dimuro & Lombardi, and resulted in the group recording Sal‘s song "Magic Star", and the standard "Old Cape Cod". Released on Bill Cunningham‘s Rode Records (#101), the group was ecstatic, as it received some radio airplay, they sold 10,000 copies in the Philly area, then the record fell off the air. By 1962, while Richie and The 5 Classics members were working on their career strategies, old singing partner Frankie Pescatore was now busy, being groomed by Bob Marcucci at Chancellor Records. 

    The Five Clasics (2)

    Dean Randolph  

    As the next "Frankie Avalon", Marcucci gave him a new name "Dean Randolph", and teamed him up with a songwriter / producer named Joe Matt. This collaboration resulted as in their first release "How About That" (Chancellor 1122).  For the second Randolph release on Chancellor "The Girl In The White Convertible" (Chancellor 1138), The 5 Classics would contribute back up vocals to the b side,"False Love". Randolph then switched labels, moving to Serene, MGM, then Apt in 65‘, where he waxed the Richie Grasso penned  "Dance Everybody Dance" (Apt 25091). Richie would also lend his friend a hand, in singing along on the record‘s "Del-Satins" styled background. Dean Randolph‘s final recording was "Lonely Eyes" for ABC in 1968.

    Songs :

    The 5 Classic's

    Magic Star                           Old Cape Cod

    Dean Randolph bb The 5 Classic's

    False Love


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