• The Hearts (2) (Bronx, NY)

    Personnel :

    Louise Harris

    Joyce West

    Hazel Crutchfield

    Forestine Barnes

    Discography :

    1955 - Lonely Lights / Oo-Wee (Baton 208)
    1955 - All My Love Belongs To You / Talk About Him Girlie (Baton 211)
    1955 - Gone, Gone, Gone / Until The Real Thing Comes Along (Baton 215)
    1956 - Disappointed Bride / Going Home To Stay (Baton 222)
    1956 - He Drives Me Crazy / I Had A Guy (Baton 228)
    1957 - Dancing In A Dream World / You Needn't Tell Me, I Know (J&S 1657)
    1957 - You Say You Love Me / So Long Baby (J&S 1660)
    1958 - I Want Your Love Tonight / Like Later Baby (J&S 1626/1627)
    1958 - If I Had Known / There Are So Many Ways (J&S 10002/10003)
    1959 - My Love Has Gone / You Or Me Have Got To Go (J&S 425/426)
    1959 - There Is No Love At All / Goodbye, Baby (J&S 4571)
    1960 - A Thousand Years From Today / I Feel So Good (J&S 995)
    1961 - I Couldn't Let Him See Crying / You Weren't Home (J&S 1180/1181)
    1963 - Dear Abby / (Instrumental) (Tuff 370)
    1963 -  I Understand Him / (Instrumental)  (Tuff 373)



    Biography :

    The group’s story begins in the mid-fifties, when a woman by the name of Zell Sanders started her own production company. Zell was looking for an R&B group and found the original Hearts, Hazel Crutchfield, Forestine Barnes, Joyce West, and later Louise Harris singing together at the Apollo Theatre.

    Rex Garvin, Hazel Anderson, Joyce West, Thaddus Mc Lean & Louise Harris

    In 1954 few labels were willing to take a chance on a group of female singers who weren’t clones of the Andrews Sisters or McGuire Sisters, let alone one produced and managed by a woman, but Sanders’ tough attitude brought them to the attention of the small Baton Records label, and a studio recording of the very doo-wopish "Lonely Nights" was the result.


    The song became a big hit on the R&B charts and is credited as being one of the first true girl group tunes. The group had some local success in New York with some follow-ups , but nothing came close to the chart power of "Lonely Nights."

    Justine 'Baby' Washington                            Betty Harris

    After a series of mild items on baton, the Hearts were moved to Zell’s own J&S Records, but the girls in the original group were dumped when Sanders felt they weren’t being serious enough about being recording stars.

    Theresa Chatman, Anna Barnhill, Justine "Baby" Washington, Joyce Peterson & Rex Garvin

    By 1957, the new group, which featured a young Baby Washington, in addition to Anna Barnhill, Theresa Chatman and Joyce Peterson, began recording. The first release "Dancing In A Dream World," kept the Hearts’ schedule busy, but the chart was still barren.


    Over the next few years a dozen girls or more would filter in and out of the Hearts as Sanders picked who would be on what recording, hired and fired personnel at will, and created new group names to release her product. One such name was the Jaynetts, a combination of the J in J&S records, and Heart singer Lezli Valentine’s middle name, Anetta. In 1958 Sanders’ released "I Wanted To Be Free b/w Where Are You Tonight," to an indifferent audience.

    Lezli Valentine                                                                  Lezli Valentine & Marie Hood

    Meanwhile, various configurations of the Hearts kept releasing singles through 1961 without much more than regional interest. Sanders encountered some financial problems in the early 1960s and despite the creation of new labels like Tuff and Zell’s, couldn’t keep her business afloat. Executives at Chess Records still thought Sanders had something going for her, though, and helped to bankroll her next venture, a revamped version of the Jaynetts.

    (The Hearts) Marie Hood, Lezli Valentine, Mandy Hooper & friends

    In 1963, Sanders, producer Abner Spector and his wife Lona Stevens, came together to create one of the most talked-about records of the 1960s. "Sally Go ‘Round The Roses," by The Jaynetts, a nursery rhyme turned pop hit was recorded during several sessions over for more than a week. Estimates now put the cost of this recording at well over $60,000, a huge cost for something that only lasted about 3 minutes and for a producer who hadn’t had a bonafide hit since 1955.

    The Hearts, 1962, (top) Theresa Chatman, (Bottom) Marie Hood, Cindy Felder & Louise Muray


    Songs :
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    Lonely Nights / Oo-Wee                  All My Love Belongs To You / Talk About Him Girlie

    Gone, Gone, Gone / Until The Real Thing Comes Along         Disappointed Bride / Gowing Home To Stay

     I Had A Guy                   He Drives Me Crazy                     If I Had Known

    There Are So Many Ways         My Love Has Gone   A Thousand Years From Today

    Dear Abby                             There Is No Love At All         You Weren't Home

    You Say You Love Me     You Or Me Have Got To Go    You Needn't Tell Me, I Know

    So Long Baby                     Like, Later Baby           I Want Your Love Tonight

    I Couldn't Let You See Me Crying         I Feel So Good           Goodbye, Baby

    Dancing In A Dream World







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