• The Four Fellows (2) aka The Victorians (1)
    The Victorians / Four Fellows - Top : Bobby Thompson, Charlie Moore & Roy Battle - Bottom : Tommy Haynes & Bill Carey

    The Four Fellows (2)  (Brooklyn, New-York)
    aka The Victorians (1)

    Personnel :

    John Kelly (Lead)

    Caswell "Cas" Bridges (Tenor)

    Roy Battle (Baritone)

    Bill Carey (Baritone / Bass)

    Charlie Moore (Guitar)

    Discography :

    The Four Fellows (2)
    1953 - Stop Crying / Break My Bones (Tri-Boro 101)

    The Victorians (1)
    1956 - Heartbreaking Moon / I'm Rollin' (Saxony 103)
    1956 - Wedding Bells / Please Say You Do (Selma 1002)

    Biography :

    This Four Fellows formed sometime before 1952 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Originally called the Dreamers, they finally settled on the "4 Fellows." Members were: Charlie Witherspoon (tenor lead), Caswell "Cas" Bridges (tenor), Roy Battle (baritone), Bill Carey (baritone/bass) and  Charlie Moore (guitarist). The Four Fellows playing the Baby Grand, the 802 Club, the Gay Hearts Ballroom, Town Hill, and a lot of little clubs with forgettable names in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. There was the New York Amsterdam News Benefit show, held at the Apollo Theater and some appearances on a radio show on WWRL.

    The Four Fellows (2) aka The Victorians (1)     The Four Fellows (2) aka The Victorians (1)
    The Four Felows                                                                                          

    They even did a package tour with the Miller Sisters and the Hearts. After only a couple of months, Charlie Witherspoon left, to be replaced by tenor John Kelly. In the spring of 1953, the 4 Fellows met up with Larry Smith, owner of Tri-Boro Records who issued the four Fellows' "Stop Crying" b/w "Break My Bones." Nothing much happened with the record and the guys went back to their occasional appearances. Then, in late 1953, John Kelly left replaced by  tenor Bobby Thompson. In late 1954, Caswell "Cas" Bridges left the group and started The Clefftones who recorded for Old Town . Cas had been replaced by tenor Tommy Haynes. because of the other Four Fellows group, they called themselves the Victorians.    

    The Four Fellows (2) aka The Victorians (1)    The Four Fellows (2) aka The Victorians (1)
    Caswell "Cas" Bridges                                                                                                                                 

    Tommy Haynes had left and Donnie Sehested joined full time. The Victorians were now Donnie Sehested, Bobby Thompson, Roy Battle, Bill Carey, and Charlie Moore. In January 1956, the Victorians' "Heartbreaking Moon"/"I'm Rollin'"  were released on Saxony. Then they hooked up with Neil Sedaka, who gave them a tune he'd written, "Wedding Bells." On May 15, 1956, they recorded "Wedding Bells" and "Please Say You Do". These were issued on Selma, another of Morty Craft's labels. After that, the 4 Fellows/Victorians fell apart.

    Songs :

    The Four Fellows (2)

      Stop Crying                                    Break My Bones

    The Victorians (1)

    Heartbreaking Moon                                 I'm Rollin'         

        Wedding Bells                                      Please Say You Do


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