• The Starlets (1) (Orange, New Jersey)
    aka The Angels (7)


    Personnel  :

    Linda Malzone

    Barbara "Bibs" Allbut

    Phyllis '"Jiggs" Allbut

    Bernadette Carroll


    Discography  :

    The Starlets
    1960 - P.S. I Love You / Where Is My Love Tonight (Astro 202/203)
    1960 - Romeo and Juliet / Listen For A Lonely Tambourine (Astro 204/205)

    Richie Dennis (bb The Starlets)
    1960 - I'll Cry / I Am Alone (Julia 1101)



    The group originated in New Jersey as The Starlets which consisted of sisters, Barbara "Bibs"  and Phyllis "Jiggs" Allbut, Bernadette Carroll, and Linda Malzone.  They had some minor local hits and wound up doing back-up work in the studio. 

    When Linda Malzone left, Linda Jankowski (later Jansen) became the new lead singer. Their manager, Tom DeCillis, turned his focus to Bernadette Carroll and dropped the rest of the group. Carroll would find solo success in 1963 with her Laurie single "Party Girl."  After a failed attempt at record deal with producer Gerry Granahan, the Allbut sisters turned their focus to education. 


    Phyllis Allbut was in teacher's college at the time and Barbara Allbut was accepted into the Juilliard School for her abilities as a musical arranger.  Soon Granahan, who had previously rejected the group, suddenly saw hit potential in the song they had performed for him in their audition, a version of "Till," and wanted them to record it in the studio. 

    "Til" became their first single under their new name, The Angels, and also their first hit (#14 US) released by Granahan's Caprice label in 1961.

    Songs :

    The Starlets

    P.S. I Love You                            Where Is My Love Tonight

        Romeo and Juliet                    Listen For a Lonely Tambourine

    Richie Dennis (bb The Starlets)

    I'll Cry                                     I Am Alone


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