The Gypsies (3) (South Carolina)


    Personnel :

    Lestine Johnson

    Ernestine Pearce

    Shirley Pearce

    Betty Pearce


    Discography :

    1964 - Hey There, Hey There / Blue Bird (Mr. Jay) (Old Town 1168)
    1965 - Jerk It / Diamonds, Rubies, Gold And Fame (Old Town 1180)
    1965 - It's A Woman's World / They're Having A Party (Old Town 1184)
    1966 - Oh I Wonder Why / Diamonds, Rubies, Gold And Fame (Old Town 1193)

    Biography :

    In 1962 in New York, four women from South Carolina formed The Gypsies. They were Lestine Johnson and sisters Ernestine Pearce, Shirley Pearce and Betty Pearce. In 1964 they signed to Old Town Records, where they released their debut single "Hey There, Hey There". The song achieved airplay only on local radio stations, but their next single ‚the J.J. Jackson-written "Jerk It" ‚was more successful, reaching #111 (pop) and #33 (R&B) in the spring of 1965. Despite the relative success of "Jerk It", Lestine Johnson left the group, replaced by Viola Billups. The Gypsies released only two singles on Old Town Records in 1966, giving them a total of four.

    That year, now on Josie Records, the four women renamed themselves The Flirtations and released the well-regarded northern soul ballad "Change My Darkness Into Light". It was ignored by DJs and sales suffered. The quartet then moved to Festival Records, where they released "Stronger Than Her Love" and "Settle Down" as a single, which failed to spark much interest.

    Song :
     (By Hans-Joachim)

    Jerk It                Hey There, Hey There         Diamonds, Rubies, Gold And Fame

    It's A Woman's World             They're Having A Party           Oh I Wonder Why



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