• The La Chords aka The Les Chimes

    Gene Blue, Al Douglas and Dan Moss

    The La Chords (Phoenix, Arizona)
    aka The Les Chimes


    Personnel :

    Dan Moss

    Gene Blue

    Robert Brown

    Ron Post

    Discography :

    The Les Chimes
    1960 - Time Out For Love / Willie Did The Cha Cha (Johnny Otis) (Gay 628)

    The La Chords
    1962 - Flame Out / To Be (Gay 629)
    1962 - To Be / Hey Pretty Baby (Gay 629)
    1964 - Sit Down And Write / Hey Pretty Baby (Take Five 631-6)
    1964 - Hammer of My Heart / On the Beach (Take Five 631-8)
    1964 - Sit Down And Write / On The Beach (Take Five 631-?)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Is It Wrong (Gay)

    Ladmo & The La Chords
    1964 -     LittIe Drummer Boy  / Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Ladmo) (Take Five 631-12)

    Biography :

    The singing group known as The La Chords originally got together in Germany. US servicemen Dan Moss, Gene Blue, Robert Brown and Ron Post were the original members. At the time, the quartet was known as The Les Chimes. They Recorded "To Be" in a radio studio in Germany in 1959

     The Les Chimes aka The La Chords

     When Ron Post and Robert Brown were shipped back to to Phoenix, Arizona the following year they made a deal with dairy man Carl Hightower (A local school teacher who wanted to get into the record business) to release it on his Gay Records imprint.  

     The Les Chimes aka The La Chords   The Les Chimes aka The La Chords

    When the rest of them got back to Arizona, they soon changed their name to the La Chords and recorded "To Be" and "Hey Pretty Baby". The record did fine on local stations and the group made many public appearances.

     The Les Chimes aka The La Chords

    Ron Post decided that he was going to go back to California and get into his father’s business. Robert Brown was still in the military. He was having personal problems, so eventually he was gone. Then they picked up Al Douglas. .

    Songs :

    The Les Chimes

    Time Out For Love

    The La Chords
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Is It Wrong                     To Be / Hey Pretty Baby

    Sit Down and Write                         Hammer Of My Heart

    Flame Out





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