• The Blue Jays (2) aka The Five Blue Notes  
     Andy Magruder 

    The Blue Jays (2) (Washington, D.C.)
    aka The Five Blue Notes



    Andy Magruder (Lead)

    Waymond Mooney (First Tenor)

    Robert Stroud (Second Tenor)

    Moise Vaughn (baritone / bass)


    Discography :

    The Blue Jays (2)
    1972 (1953) - Could I Adore You / Sweet Pauline (Roadhouse 1004)

    The Five Blue Notes
    1953 - My Gal Is Gone / Ooh Baby (Sabre 103)
    1954 - The Beat Of Our Hearts / You Gotta Go Baby (Sabre 108)
    1958 - My Special Prayer / Somethin' Awful (Onda 888)
    1959 - My Special Prayer / The Thunderbird (inst by the Jammers) (Onda 888)

    Andy Mack
    1964 - Do You Wanta Go / Later Than You Think (Chess 1910)


    Biography :

    This group was founded by Magruder in 1950, when he was in junior High school. "Could I Adore You" and "Sweet Pauline" were recorded by the Five Blue Notes under their prerecording name, the Blue Jays. These songs were eventually released in 1972 by Les Moss of Roadhouse Records. When these unreleased tunes were originally recorded, the group was only a quartet consisting of Magruder, Waymond Mooney, Robert Stroud, and Moise Vaughan. Jackie Shedrick replaced Mooney, who joined the marines. When lead/tenor Fleming Briscoe was added, the group's name became the Five Blue Notes.

    The Blue Jays (2) aka The Five Blue Notes   The Blue Jays (2) aka The Five Blue Notes

    They met William Bosco Boyd, the manager of the Clefs, who suggested that they try to record for a Chicago organization. They spent a month in Chicago before getting a contract to record. The contract was finally reached with Chance Records, and they recorded four songs that were all released on the Chance subsidiary Sabre. Magruder, disappointed that he never heard anything about the recordings, left to join the marines. While he was in the service, "My Gal Is Gone" was finally released by Chance/Sabre. Magruder was discharged in 1958 and found Stroud, Vaughan, Shedrick, and a new tenor, Louis Smalls, performing as the Five Blue Notes. They recorded one record for the Onda label, which went nowhere.

    The Blue Jays (2) aka The Five Blue Notes
     Andy Magruder (left) with the Spaniels at the Apollo

    They stayed together for a year and broke up for good in 1960. Magruder then joined a later Spaniels group, and recorded on their last hit, "I Know," in 1961. He stayed with the Spaniels until 1963, when he tried to go it alone as a solo act. Magruder managed to get one record out by himself, under the name of Andy Mack The titles were "Do You Wanta Go" and "Later Than You Think," and he was backed by a young D.C. group, the Carltons. Aside from a few plays in the D.C. area, the record bombed.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Blue Jays (2)

    Sweet Pauline                      Could I Adore You

    The Five Blue Notes

    My Gal Is Gone                  Ooh Baby                      The Beat Of Our Hearts

     You Gotta Go Baby               My Special Prayer           ‪Somethin' Awful‬

    Andy Mack

    Do You Wanta Go               Later Than You Think

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