• Tony Moon & The Aktones aka Dante & The Evergreens (2)

    Tony Moon & The Aktones (Santa Monica, California)
    aka Dante & The Evergreens (2)

    Personnel :

    Donald Drowty (Lead)

    Frank Rosenthal (Bass)

    Bill Young (Baritone)

    Tony Moon (Tenor & Guitar)

    Discography :

    Tony Moon & The Aktones
    1959 - L-O-V-E / N-A-C-L (Pan World 514)

    Akim & The Aktones
    1959 - Fall In Love With Me / Voodoo Drums (with The Ravels) (Pan World 520)

    Will Wendel & The Aktones
    1960 - Lonely Blue Boy / Lover (Trans American 10 000)

    Biography :

    Dean Torrence (Jan & Dean) had discovered The Pastels, a trio composed by Don Drowty (Dante), Bill Young, and Frank Rosenthal while attending Santa Monica City College. Producer Kim Fowley asked Tony Moon to help the Pastels improve their harmonies. The group's sound was solidified with the addition of guitarist, arranger, and vocal coach Tony who became a fourth Pastel.

    Tony Moon & The Aktones aka Dante & The Evergreens (2)

    At this time, The Pastels also working with Aki Aleong, who put out "L-O-V-E" b/w "N-A-C-L" credited to Tony Moon and the Aktones on his Pan World records. The Pastels backed Aki on  "Fall In Love With Me" again named the Aktones. Aki Aleong used the Pastels to provide backup vocal for Will Wendel on his Trans American label with "Lonely Blue Boy" and "Lover". A year later, Aki had a nice hit himself with 'Trade Winds, Trade Winds' (Reprise 20021).

    Tony Moon & The Aktones aka Dante & The Evergreens (2)      Tony Moon & The Aktones aka Dante & The Evergreens (2)
    Aki Aleong                                                                                                                         

    Dean Torrence introduced the Pastels to Herb Alpert and Lou Adler (Jan & Dean's management and production team)  who asked if they would cover ‘Alley Oop’ for Madison. Agreeing to do so, they parted amicably with Aki Aleong and signed with Madison. There was another group of Pastels, known then for the hit "Been So Long",  so they changed their name to Dante and the Evergreens and rushed into the studio. Their 'Alley Oop' (Madison 130) was out in just two or three days!
    (Based on an interview with Tony Moon by Jerry Osborne)

    Songs :

    Will Wendel & The Aktones

    Lonely Blue Boy                                     Lover           

    Tony Moon & The Aktones

    L-O-V-E                                                  N-A-C-L

    Akim & The Aktones

    Fall In Love With Me


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