The Baysiders (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    Jackie Walker (Tenor)

    Sally Stevens (Soprano)

    Jim Mitchell (Bass)

    Jim Patton (Baritone)


    Discography :

    The Baysiders
    1960 - Over The Rainbow / My Bonnie (Everest 19366)
    1960 - Trees / Look for the silver lining (Everest 19386)
    1961 - The Bells of St. Mary's / Comin' Thru The Rye (Everest 10393)

    Jackie Walker & The Baysiders
    1962 - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows / Dearly Beloved (Everest 20010)

    Jackie Walker
    1957 - On The Way Home / Love Sublime  (Dot 15552)
    1957 - Peggy Sue / Wonderful One (Imperial 5473)
    1958 - Only Teenagaers Allowed / Push Pin (Imperial 5490)
    1958 - Eternally,Wanting You/  Good,Good Feelin'  (Imperial 5521)
    1962 - Heart Breakin' News / Take A Dream (Everest 20004)
    1963 - Ready Or Not / Come Along With Me (Everest 2026)


    LPs :
    1961 - The Baysiders "Over The Rainbow" (LP Everest 1124)
    Over The Rainbow / Trees / You Were Mean't For Me / Look for the silver lining All I Do Is Dream Of You / My Blue Heaven /  I'm Always Chasing Rainbows /  The Bells of St. Mary's / Comin' Thru The Rye / Dearly Beloved  / Love Somebody / My Bonnie


    Biography :

    Jackie Walker discovered his musical talent at an early age. At four he was often put on the dining room table to sing to gathered guests. At six he wrote his first song, words and music. By eight he was part of a 15-minute radio show, The Army Hour. He had his first record on Imperial when he was 14 and at 17 had a regional hit on Dot Records, Love Sublime.  He entered UCLA at 17 to study music and at 20 had another regional hit with Oh, Lonesome Me, a cover of Don Gibson's recording which he performed on American Bandstand.                                         

    The Baysiders   
    Jackie Walker                                                                                                    

    Jim Mitchell, Sally Stevens and Jackie Walker were students together at UCLA. With Jim patton they formed a Quartet, The Baysiders. Jackie Walker had been experimenting with arrangements using one female versatile voice and three males.  Jim had recorded some sides for Everest Records and was approached about doing the quartet.

    Jackie Walker                                                  Jim Patton
    Sally Stevens                                                Jim Mitchell

    The Baysiders recorded some singles and an album for Everest Records entitled Over the Rainbow which included the title song that became another regional hit. After the initial success, things stale-mated and Sally took a job with Ray Coniff Singers.  She went on to become one of the best studio singers in Hollywood and has a huge amount of credits. 

    The Baysiders    
    Jackie Walker                                                                                                            

     Jackie Walker was busy with his solo career and as a songwriter/composer. Jim Patton became one of the lead disk-jockeys at KLOS in Los Angeles and died of an over-dose several years ago.  We had a lot of fun but it was short lived.
    Jack Walker

    Songs :

    Over The Rainbow                   Love Somebody                    My Bonnie

    I'm Always Chasing Rainbows            Trees                    My Blue Heaven

    Look For The Silver Lining      Comin' Thru The Rye      All I Do Is Dream Of You

    You Were Meant For Me           The Bells of St. Mary's



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