• Tony Montalbano, Ronnie Kemp, Julian Barnett, Glenn Carlin and Johnny Smith 

    The Saints (1) (Houston, Texas)
    aka The Gents (2)


    Personnel :

    Tony Montalbano

    Glenn Carlin (First Tenor)

    Johnny Smith

    Ronnie Kemp

    Julian Barnett (Vocal & Guitar)


    Discography :

    The Saints (1)
    1957 - I Rocked When I Shoulda Rolled / Will You (Cue 7934)
    1957 - Turtle Dove / Take Me Back (Cue 7937)
    1958 - Honky Tonk Baby / Ain’t Cha Ever Comin’ Home (Cue 1202)
    1958 - Doin The Stroll / Snap Dragon (Prescott 1570)

    The Gents (2)
    1962 - Golly Golly Dolly / It's Too Late To Cry (All Boy 8501)


    Biography :

    The Saints, vocal group  from Houston, Texas are composed by Tony Montalbano, Glenn Carlin, Johnny Smith, Ronnie Kemp and Julian Barnett. The original singing group begin 1955 as the Velvetones but Montalbano and Kemp were the only original members. When the Velvetones broke up soon afterward, Montalbano, Kemp and two other singers appeared as the Saints at a dance at Oberholtzer Hall. Johnny Smith was present at this dance. He was so impressed with their performance that he decided to try to join them. With Johnny Smith as their new addition, the Saints began practicing for the Crow’s Nest show.

    The Saints (1) aka The Gents (2) 

    The Velvetones 

    Their appearance in Fiesta was the turning point in their early careers. Using Fiesta as a springboard, the Saints plunged into a new world-the entertainment field. Since Fiesta, the Saints have made some changes with the addition of Carlin as first tenor and Barnett as featured vocalist and guitar player. Two of the Saints are University students. Montalbano is a senior geology and business major and Smith is a mechanical engineering sophomore The other members of this singing group work full time.  In November 1956 after all their performances  Jimmy Duncan makes them sign a recording contract.

    Jimmy Duncan                                                                                                                    

    Cue Records was owned, in Houston, Texas, by Jimmy Duncan, songwriter, singer, composer, author, arranger and producer, best known for his 1957 song "My Special Angel", a #1 country/western hit for Bobby Helms.  Cue release three singles of The Saints between 1957 and 1958, and one in 1958 on the Prescott Label. Four years later, Tony A. Montalbano and and Ronnie Kemp are part of a new group, The Gents. The group recorded two compositions of Tony, "Golly Golly Dolly" and "It's Too Late To Cry" released by All Boy Records.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Saints (1)

    Will You / I Rocked When I Shoulda Rolled

    Turtle Dove                                      Honky Tonk Baby

    The Gents (2)

    Golly Golly Dolly / It's Too Late To Cry



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