• The Del Royals (2) ( 

    The Del Royals (2) (New Orleans)


    Personnel :

    Willie Harper

    Calvin Lee (Calvin Joseph LeBlanc)


    Discography :

    The Del Royals (2)
    1960 - Who Will Be The One / She's Gone (Minit 610)
    1961 - Close To You / Got You On My Mind  (Minit 620)
    1961 - Always Naggin' / I Fell In Love With You  (Minit 637)

    Calvin Lee
    1962 - Valley Of Tears / I'll Be Home (Wait And See) (Minit 655)
    1963 - You / Daddy's Going Home (Minit 663)


    Biography :

    The Del Royals were not a working unit but merely an in-studio combination of Calvin Lee and Willie Harper. Their line-up featured Willie Harper, who became a virtual fixure on Minit's recording sessions, providing backing vocals to innumerable acts, as well as recording several singles on his own. Their sound was jaunty and filled with robust humor--"Always Naggin'" was a good representative track.

    The Del Royals (2)     The Del Royals (2)
             Benny Spellman                                                                                         Irma Thomas
    Both Calvin Lee and Willie Harper sang on the "Mother-in-Law" session along with bass singer Benny Spellman and Irma Thomas provided background vocal on a number of the Minit recordings. In fact the artists formed a miniature repertory group, singing on each other’s sessions and grouping around Toussaints’s piano in his parent’s house.  Calvin LeBlanc cut a couple of solo 45s for the same company as Calvin Lee, including a jaunty version of Fats Domino's big hit “Valley Of Tears”.

    The Del Royals (2)
    Allen Toussaint

    Minit Records was an American independent record label, originally based in New Orleans and founded by Joe Banashak in 1959. Ernie K. Doe, Aaron Neville, Irma Thomas, and Benny Spellman were early artists on the label. Later artist included Bobby Womack and Ike & Tina Turner. Allen Toussaint was responsible for much of the label's early success, he wrote, produced, arranged and played piano on a number of tracks.

    Songs :

    The Del Royals (2)

        She's Gone                                  Who Will Be The One

      Close To You                                   Got You On My Mind

     Always Naggin'                              I Fell In Love With You

    Calvin Lee

             Valley Of Tears                          I'll Be Home (Wait And See)

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