The Cashmeres (2) (Brooklyn, New York)



    Windsor King

    Jean Reeves

    William Jordan

    Anita Arnold

    Bobby Bowers


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1960 - Everything's Gonna Be Alright / Four Lonely Nights (Lake 703)
    1960 - Satisfied - Part I / Satisfied - Part II (Lake 705)
    1960 - A Very Special Birthday / I Believe In St. Nick (Laurie 3078)
    1961 - I Gotta Go / Singing Waters (Laurie 3088)
    1961 - Baby Come On Home / Poppa Said  (Laurie 3105)
    1962 - Life Line / Where Have You Been (Josie 45 894)

    Unreleased :
    1960 - Yes, It's True (Lake)
    1960 - Dancing Man (Lake)


    Biography :

    This group was of mixed gender and all were neighbors living in or near St. John’s Place in Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn in 1959. The quartet consisted of Jean Reeves, Arnita Arnold, William Jordon and Bobby Bowers. They practiced their combination of street-corner harmony and church gospel anywhere they could.

    Word spread of the foursome until a young bartender at Queenie’s Bar in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn got wind of them. The barkeep, Windsor King, had been a first tenor with the ‘40s gospel group the Royal Sons of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who came to New York in 1948 and became The 5 Royales R&B group in the ‘50s.  King emerged as both their writer and their new lead singer. With their smooth sound, they agreed on the name The Cashmeres. To Lake Records, the group  recorded their first disc. This did nothing. Their second Lake disc, "Satisfied," did so well that it had to be leased out for better distribution. The Cashmeres were eventually brought to Laurie by Lake management. This turned out to be a poor decision, as none of their Laurie discs did anything. They were next brought to Josie. Again nothing doing. Lake management took them all over but realized no success anywhere.


    Songs :

    Everything's Gonna Be Alright       Four Lonely Nights          Satisfied - Part 1 & 2

    A Very Special Birthday        I Believe In St. Nick              Singing Waters

     Baby Come On Home                  Life Line                   Where Have You Been

    Yes, It's True                        Dancing Man


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