• L to R Charles (Turk) Turconi, Harry Hill, Frankie Hill, Gil "Rocky" Rock & Richie Alexander

    The Spydels (2) (Holyoke, Massachusetts)


    Personnel :

    Frankie Hill (Lead)

    Charles (Turk) Turconi

    Harry Hill

    Gil "Rocky" Rock

    Richie Alexander


    Discography :

    The Spydels (2)
    Single :
    1961 - No More Teasing / Wanted Dead Or Alive (MZ B-009)
    Unreleased :
    1961 - Wanted For Your Love (MZ)
    1961 - Unhappy Days (MZ)

    Davi bb The Spydels (2)
    1962 - Reason For Love / Go Charley Go (Stark 110)


    Biography :

    In early 1960, Frankie Hill formed a vocal in Holyoke High School with his brother Harry, Gil "Rocky" Rock, Richie Alexander and Charles (Turk) Turconi. In 1961, The Spydels recorded two song both written by Frankie and released on the M Z label (owned by Mickey Moroni & Frank A. Zenobi): "Wanted Dead Or Alive" b/w "No More Teasin'." The Spydels  Backed Davi, the next year on "Reason For Love" and "Go Charley Go". Davi is Dave Svitenko, originally from West Springfield Ma. Frankie Hill co wrote "Reason For Love" with him. Frankie is the falsetto and The Spydels are the other background voices on this recording and may be the musicians also.


    Songs :

    The Spydels (2)

        No More Teasing                           Wanted Dead Or Alive

    Wanted For Your Love

    Davi bb The Spydels (2)

    Reason For Love                           Go Charley Go  


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