• The Clusters (Brooklyn, New York)



    Charlie Scardina (Lead)

    Tom Mordente (First Tenor)

    Donnie Milo (Second Tenor)

    Henri Rico Ferro (Baritone)

    Joe Gugliaro (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Clusters
    1958 - Darling Can't You Tell / Pardon My Heart (Tee Gee 102/End 115)
    1959 - Long Legged Maggie / Forecast Of Our Love (Epic 99330)

    Gus Coletti & The Clusters
    Single :
    1957 - Hold My hand / Without Your Love ( Tin Pan Alley 206)
    1957 - Sample Kiss / My Darling Wait For Me ( Tin Pan Alley 207)
    1957 - Sample Kiss (version 2) (Tin Pan Alley)

    Gus Colletti (bb The Clusters) (uncredited)
    1958 - At The Rock And Roll Party (no group) / Life Is Sad And Dreary (Tin Pan Alley 214)


    Biography :

    The original Clusters were formed in 1957. The group consisted of  Charlie Scardina (Lead), Tommy Mordente (first tenor), Donnie Milo (second tenor), Henry (Rico) Ferro (baritone) and Joe Gugliotta (Bass). All members were between 15 & 17 yrs. old out of Brooklyn, New York.

    In April of 1958 The Clusters recorded "Darling Can't You Tell" and "Pardon My Heart" The record was released on the Tee Gee record label and became a New York hit. The record reached # 10 on the Regional Billboard charts and #23 on the WMCA music charts.

    The group appeared on the Alan Freed big beat TV show and Ted Steeles show at the Paramount theater with Frankie Avalon, Bobby Darin, The Big Bopper, Clyde McPhatter and others.

    The Clusters

    The Clusters reformed again in the 90's with new members and cut a CD called The Clusters 2000. In January of 2003,The Clusters decided to reform with original Clusters bass, Joe Gugliotta. The "New" Clusters are, Paulie Gee (lead), Joe Gugliotta (Original 1958 Bass), Jerry Pilgrim (first tenor lead), Tony Portalatin (second tenor lead), and Joe Miranda (baritone lead) The Clusters perform the hits of the 50's to the 80's.

    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Clusters

    Forecast Of Our Love                 Darling Can't You Tell

    Pardon My Heart                    Long Legged Maggie

    Gus Coletti & The Clusters

    Sample Kiss                 Without Your Love

    Sample Kiss (version 2)                Life Is Sad And Dreary


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