• The Gee Sisters  

    The Gee Sisters (Forest Hills, NY)


    Personnel :

    Barbara Gross

    Annette Gross


    Discography :

    1962 -  (Help Me) Telstar / Andy (Palette 5101)


    Biography :

    The Gee sisters were Barbara (13) and Annette (17) Gross . The girls were from Forest Hills, NY.. In 1962, they recorded "(Help Me) Telstar" and "Andy".

    The Gee Sisters     The Gee Sisters

    The record was first issued on Palette around August of 1962, then a record deal was struck with Hickory a couple months later. Notice the title has changed a little from Palette to Hickory. "Telstar (Help Me)" to "(Help Me) Telstar." This disc was also released in Australia on their Festival label.


    Songs :

      Andy                                         (Help Me) Telstar


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